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Alpenglow Counselling is a meaning-based virtual counselling practice based in beautiful Terrace, BC.

Why Therapy?

Therapy is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about yourself, grow to live an authentic, satisfying life, and to talk about all of the big things of life: love, death, friendship, freedom, choice etc. Therapy can sometimes feel like a chance to untangle messy, unhelpful thoughts or an opportunity to dive into the depths of everything you are.

Getting Started

It takes great courage to begin therapy. Book your free 20-minute virtual consultation today to see if Alison is the right fit for you, to ask any questions you may have about the therapeutic process, and to slowly immerse yourself in self-growth.

Get to Know Us

Alison (she/her) is a daughter, sister, aunt, partner, friend, pet-mom, and a lover of evergreen trees. She also works as Registered Clinical Counsellor and founded Alpenglow Counselling in July, 2015. She graduated from Adler University in October 2014 with her Masters of Counselling Psychology and is currently completing a doctorate program on her way to becoming a psychologist. 

Alison operates Alpenglow out of her hometown, Terrace, which aligns with her passion for small-town, rural living. Having a virtual practice allows Alison to meet and serve clients from all over BC. 

Read more about Alpenglow Counselling and Alison here:

Podcast: Edge of the Couch

Alison McCleary and Jordan Pickell are two good friends and experienced therapists. They share a similar passion for talking about the therapeutic process.

In Edge of the Couch they explore the topics that were either shied away from or dismissed because they were too big, too nuanced, too risky, or too uncomfortable to address in school or even in supervision.

Alison and Jordan want to inspire and encourage new therapists to think more deeply, show up more fully, and find humour and self-compassion in navigating the messier parts of being a therapist.

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