Get to Know Us

Alpenglow Counselling offers counselling services for both adults and older youth 

About Alpenglow Counselling

Alpenglow Counselling is a practice dedicated to encouraging clients to explore the bigness of life, to notice the moments that create awe, to talk about the hard-to-talk-about topics, and for each client to learn more about their internal world. By exploring these things, Alison believes that her clients are able to evolve, change, heal, and ultimately, build authentic, meaningful lives. Alison also believes that connection between herself and her clients is paramount and necessary for that change and evolution; talking about our struggles with another person helps each of us to heal.

At Alpenglow, Alison uses a person-centred, Existential, and Humanistic approach to clinical issues. If you have questions about what that means, please ask! Alison ascribes to the “human first, therapist second” ideal, highlighting the relational nature of her work.

Every client enters therapy with a unique story and Alison is always incredibly eager to get to know her clients in a profound and deep way, to hear their story!

The Experience

Clients at Alpenglow experience a deep and close relationship with Alison. They experience compassionate kindness, laughter, and empathy. They may also experience challenging moments where they are encouraged and supported through changing the way they think, feel, and make sense of their world. Meaning-making, storytelling, deep conversations, skill-building, and goal-setting are all important parts of the work at Alpenglow.

Because of the value placed on the relationship between Alison and her clients, clients at Alpenglow experience “here-and-now check-ins” where they are encouraged to discuss with Alison the state of their relationship with her. Alison is open to feedback, both positive or critical, to make the relationship as strong as possible. Sometimes, clients can feel unsure about how to talk about the therapeutic relationship, but as the connection grows, these conversations can be powerful, beautiful, and transformative.

Is Alpenglow Counselling for You?

Alpenglow may be the right fit for you if you are struggling with:

A sense that everything is fine in your life but you still feel “meh”

Purposelessness/seeking a life plan

A sense of being stuck

Mild to moderate depression/low-mood

Mild to moderate anxiety

Specific phobia

Death anxiety

Grief or loss

Interpersonal relationship issues, including break-up

Persistent stress

A general desire to know yourself more profoundly

Alpenglow offers services to youth (16 years+) and adults. As a virtual counselling practice, all services are offered via video conferencing.

Sorry, not currently accepting clients to the waitlist.

About Alison

Alison was born and raised in rural, northern BC and absolutely loves small-town living. She has lived many places in Western Canada but finds herself most drawn to places that have tall mountains and lush, green trees. She likes Autumn best because of its melancholic and transformational nature. She loves having deep talks and values friendship and loyalty immensely.

Alison began her own personal journey with therapy as a teenager who was overwhelmed by adolescent life (she felt every feeling very deeply!!) and she has been in therapy, on and off, ever since. These early experiences with therapy greatly impacted her life and lead her to becoming a therapist herself. Alison likes for herself, therapy that is relational, authentic, challenging, and sometimes, silly.

Alison is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BCACC. She graduated from Adler University in October 2014 with her Masters of Counselling Psychology. Alison followed her love for working in rural communities to her hometown, Terrace, and has been solely operating Alpenglow Counselling ever since. Providing therapy to clients is more than just a job for her; it is her life’s purpose. Alison derives profound meaning from connecting with, and supporting, other people through their journeys.

Alison realized three years into Alpenglow’s life that she felt drawn to serving her community in a more impactful way by becoming a Psychologist. She began a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology in August 2018 and now operates Alpenglow as a virtual counselling practice, as she continues to study and learn.

Home Grown

Alison is deeply passionate about continuing to provide services to the Pacific Northwest while continuing to meet clients from all over BC. She plans to return to Terrace upon completion of her schooling. Growing up in Terrace has provided Alison with a unique approach to counselling that marries the small-town energy of connection with an integrated therapeutic stance. There is something powerfully healing to be able to drive 5 minutes and find yourself in the middle of a forest or standing at the edge of a river.

Alison provides individual sessions but also has a love for group therapy and psychoeducation presentations.

When she’s not seeing clients or studying, Alison is hanging out with her all-time favourite dog, Muggles and her two kittens, Knives and Grout.