Alpenglow Counselling Services

Alison works with adults and youth in a compassionate and meaningful way to help each individual person build a life worth living . See services and fees below, and click to book your first session.

Important Note:

At this time Alison is not accepting new clients, and her waitlist is full.

One-on-one Sessions

Virtual Adult Session | 126

Not currently accepting new adult clients. Counselling allows the individual to deeply explore internal issues that they have identified as important. Sessions are collaborative, encouraging the client to set the agenda and pace with input from Alison. Clients can expect to feel supported, comforted, changed, and sometimes, challenged.

Virtual Youth Session | 105

Not currently accepting new youth clients. Youth are experiencing a unique mix of stress, expectations, and change that can sometimes make life tough to manage and scary. Sessions encourage collaboration with the therapist, allowing the youth to guide the topics while also learning to like themselves better! There is no topic too big or too small. Whether you are going through a breakup, stressed about graduation, or really needing a safe space to talk, Alison is excited to support you.

Sorry, not currently accepting clients to the waitlist.

Emotional Sexual Health Workshop | 300

This 4-part series (45-minutes each) introduces youth to the components of sexual health that are often over-looked by conventional sex-education including consent information, discussions about healthy relationships, and the aspects of sexual behaviour that may have an impact on mental and emotional health. The group is designed to share information with youth, provide space for youth to participate (or not) at their own pace, and ultimately encourage safe, healthy sexual activity.

Healthy Relationships Presentation | 100

This 1-hour classroom based presentation encourages conversations amongst youth about how to recognize the healthy (and unhealthy) components of romantic, familial, and friendship relationships. Activities and games support safe participation. This presentation has been hugely successful and has created wonderful, meaningful conversations about emotional well-being, noticing unsafe behaviour in potential partners, and how to communicate effectively.


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